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Accounts Payable Metrics That Matter

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About the Webinar

Featuring Special Guest Bob Cohen of Ardent Partners

How do Finance leaders become best-in-class in the coming years?

Current events and the impact of the pandemic have shown businesses how important their AP departments and AP automation are to driving growth in their organization. AP’s perceived value has increased in recent years due to the growth in performance, time, and saving opportunities available.

During this webinar Ardent Partners’ will be talking about the current research they conducted and how they identified the differences in how Best-in-Class AP Departments handle their pain points in their business processes. By looking at which Accounts Payable metrics top businesses are looking at and why they matter, your AP team can make changes in their AP processes and transform their teams to become a Best-in-Class business.


Our Speaker:

Bob Cohen, VP of Research & Marketing - Ardent Partners 


You can download the full  "Accounts Payable Metrics That Matter in 2021" report here.

AP Metrics that Matter in 2021 ebook


  • The Impact of COVID on AP
  • Metrics "Best-in-Class" Businesses Are Seeing for 2021
  • The Future of AP
  • How to Become a "Best-in-Class" Business with Yooz AP Automation
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