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In Part 1 of this blog series, we started to draw some parallels between the classic movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and Yooz AP Automation, beginning with Fear of the Unknown. We continue in Part 2 with two more commonalities: The Cloud and Technological Superiority.

The Cloud

In many movies about outer space, both classic and current, the unknown flying objects or beings come down from out the clouds. Sometimes it’s spooky, sometimes it’s dramatic. With cloud-based Yooz AP automation, it’s simple. The Cloud provides many advantages for small- to mid-sized firms automating their invoice processing and payment workflow:

  • Security: When documents are stored in the Cloud, only users with a username and password can access them. Unlike paper documents that are out in the open on someone’s desk or floating around the office or between locations until the approving manager signs off, sensitive data is safe and secure.
  • Accessibility: How often have you spent time trying to find one or more invoices, either on your desk, someone else’s desk, or in a filing cabinet? Organized in the cloud-based Yooz platform, documents can be found with a couple of keywords and a click, As fast as being beamed up (okay, different space movie, I know)!
  • Insight: Finance leaders, do you struggle with knowing the status of your payables? According to a recent Levvel Research report*, most do. No more guessing with Yooz cloud-based AP automation platform. You can take a look whenever you need to, 24/7, from anywhere. And seeing is believing!

Technological Superiority

Yooz leverages smart technologies like OCR (optical character recognition), machine learning, and RPA (robotics process automation) powered by AI for the most technologically advanced solution on the market, making a significant positive impact on finance departments and leading to real profits. The Yooz AI-driven AP automation solution is able to learn as fast and as accurately as an experienced human to:

  • Identify and interact with suppliers
  • Automatically intake, code, process and route invoices, using OCR. (Read our article, Debunking the Myths of OCR, for a comprehensive account about what it is, what it isn’t, how it works, and why it matters.)
  • Denote payment deadlines, approval workflows, and the approvers.

All leading to dramatic reduction in processing cycle time and a corresponding savings in costs at every level.

As I did in Part 1, I’ll conclude with, “Take me to your leader,” and together we can start learning more about your invoice processing and payment workflow goals and helping you on your journey to outer space…wait, got a little carried away with my nostalgia about the movie. Together we can start learning more about your invoice processing and payment workflow goals and helping you on your journey to AP Automation of the 4th Kind.


*2018 Guide to Payables Automation, Levvel Research

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