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For those of us who admit to being old enough to remember the blockbuster hit movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, welcome to a throwback theme for this week’s blog series. For those that aren’t, here’s a brief synopsis: The movie involves two parallel story lines, one about a group of research scientists from a variety of backgrounds who are investigating the strange appearance of items in remote locations, primarily desert regions, and using music to communicate back and forth with unknown beings. The other involves an unrelated man and woman in the small town of Muncie, Indiana, who each have a strange encounter with an unidentified object that they can’t explain. The story progresses from there towards a meet-up with actual aliens at the end.

Here at Yooz we can draw a few parallels between the movie and our invoice processing and payment system. Think that’s a stretch? Let’s see!

Fear of the Unknown

Like Roy and Jillian in the movie, and like many of us, there is a natural human tendency to fear, or at least be apprehensive, of the unknown. This can be especially true in the workplace. For AP professionals who are used to manually processing paper invoices—even with all the tedium that goes along with it—moving towards a completely automated process can be a little scary. “Will I be able to learn the technology?” “How do I look for a document in the system?” “Is a software system that can process invoices from beginning to end going to replace my job?”

We offer several tools and resources that might help ease some of that anxiety:

  1. Client Success Stories: We understand that you might rather hear from a peer in your industry when you are investigating a new solution or solution provider. We have many clients that are happy to share their journey towards AP automation. You may download a number of client success stories on the Yooz website, attend one of our educational webinars featuring a client champion, or ask us for an introduction and give them a call!
  2. Thought Leadership: Access any one of our thought-leadership articles, such as this one about why AP automation will help, not replace, the AP professional.
  3. Research-based Industry Reports: Request a research-based industry report and learn from subject matter experts.

In Part 2 of this bog series, we’ll take a look at two other things that Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Yooz AP automation have in common: The Cloud and technological superiority.

In the meantime, “Take me to your leader,” and we can start learning more about your invoice processing and payment workflow goals.

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