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Throughout this year we have been offering up thought-leadership editorials, educational webinars, live sessions at industry conferences, and blogs—many featuring industry experts and Yooz client champions, and ALL to help you through your journey towards automating your invoice and payment processing workflow.

This week, in our last Yooz Blog series of 2018, we thought it would be fun to count down our top 10 favorite quotes of the year to give you a snapshot about the real workplace benefits and real results from using the Yooz platform.


  1. “We used to spend 3–4 weeks every year sorting, filing, storing, and searching for invoices. Now, thanks to Yooz, we have packed up our last box of documents and we access everything in the cloud through our dedicated URL.” Bryan Schmidt, controller, UNITE HERE HEALTH
  1. “We realized a 60% reduction in time processing payables, and that contributed to an almost instant ROI.Adam Maurer, CPA, CFO, Deutser consulting firm
  1. “With no upfront investment in hardware or software, our highly scalable, cloud-based platform integrates with more than 175 ERPs—more than any in the industry—as a crucial component in automating the AP process.” Laurent Charpentier, Yooz chief innovation officer and COO, in a recent feature article where Yooz was named a 2018 Top 10 Accounting Solution Provider by CFO Tech Outlook
  1. “When we presented Yooz to the City Council, they realized very quickly how we would save the city money, increase efficiencies, and improve our supplier relationships. Even better, it was all completely risk-free.” Kristen Torres, lead purchasing agent, City of Cleburne, Texas
  1. “We were very fortunate to have readily available support from Yooz. The dedicated support team was integral in a smooth and seamless conversion process. Together with our internal team and executive leadership we had all pistons firing in the same direction, which was why we were able to roll out Yooz to our group with such success.” Sherry Wang, group controller, Go Auto dealership group


In Part 2 of this blog series, we’ll unveil our Top 5 favorite quotes of the year. To learn more about the journey to success and lessons learned along the way from these and others of our Yooz client champions, download their success stories.


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