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In Part 1 of this story, I began by telling about the pain points that led me in search of an invoice processing and payment solution: Routing paper documents from the individual restaurants back to headquarters via courier or overnight services, all costing hundreds of dollars per week. And the highly manual, paper-laded workflow resulting in a backlog of 6,000 documents per month waiting to be manually entered or scanned into the system, making for a very unpredictable month-end.


We found that the Yooz platform—seamlessly integrated with our Sage Intacct ERP—was not only the perfect fit, we discovered it could do so much more.


Here’s Part 2 of the story.

Once we made the decision to go with Yooz, I expected the implementation to take at least six months. I began with one local franchise piloting the Yooz platform. I was apprehensive about how the manager would react, having to actually scan the documents at the time of receipt from the delivery vendor. She actually was really happy about the new process! No more pressure to save all of the paper invoices until a courier/overnight service shipped them to headquarters. No more worrying about losing documents. After this successful pilot, we rolled the solution out in two other high-volume stores.

Six weeks of pre-work with the Yooz implementation team (loading GL codes, document types, etc.) and six weeks of pilots equaled about three months total—half the implementation time of what was expected!

The Yooz and Sage Intacct seamlessly integrated joint solution not only met the needs of Salsarita’s and solved all of our workflow challenges, it also turned out to be much more useful than the corporate leaders expected. We have discovered other document management uses for Yooz, such as communicating documents between restaurants. We have set up additional workflows set up for H.R. and payroll as a result.


Other benefits we’ve realized?

  • The AP clerk is able to take some of the more basic tasks off the plate of our controller, freeing him up for more strategic, forward-thinking, and creative work.
  • No more document delivery via couriers or overnight delivery services, saving us hundreds of dollars per week.
  • We are processing/communicating 38% more documents per month.
  • We now enjoy a more predictable, more accurate, and less stressful month-end.


What can I tell you about your journey to AP automation?

Don’t make assumptions about what a solution’s capabilities are. Remember, I was asking potential providers questions about document processing only and learned along the way that what we really needed—and ultimately found with Yooz—was a complete end-to-end invoice processing and payment solution that could do so much more.


How do you leverage and make efficient the human resources that you have? It’s a question franchises always struggle to answer. Yooz inspired the answer for us: Rather than hiring additional people, give your existing staff the automation tools to make their roles multi-faceted. Your finance department—all departments for that matter—can run lean and take on more strategic, value-added duties.  


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