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In Part 1 of this blog series, we reviewed how three completely different companies in the healthcare administration, communications and agriculture, and beverage distribution industries each started their AP automation journey with similar pain points. And in Part 2, we review the common benefits that each experienced after implementing the Yooz AP automation solution, and what lessons each of the finance leaders learned along the way.

A reminder about each of the companies:

UNITE HERE HEALTH—a Chicago-based national health fund that works with employees, local unions, and the employer to provide health benefits (insurance) and resources that improve health and healthcare. 

Ritter Communications—a communications company based in Arkansas with primary interests in technology and agriculture and with a goal of bringing technology to rural areas.

KEG 1, LLC—a beverage wholesaler (primarily beer and ale) serving 31 counties in central Texas.

After automating the payables workflow with Yooz, UHH, Ritter, and KEG 1 each continue to realize these benefits:

  • Users experienced a faster and smoother rollout than expected and quickly became familiar with Yooz thanks to the intuitive user interface (UI).
  • The mobile app has proven to be particularly beneficial, letting finance leaders and other managers view and approve invoices from anywhere at any time, rather than being tied to their desks.
  • Reliability expectations were exceeded, with an average reliability rate of 99.9%.
  • Documents are all safely stored and easily accessible in the Cloud; paper invoices have been boxed up for the last time.
  • Process cycle times dramatically reduced from weeks to a few days.
  • Eliminating manual entry and routing for approval has saved time, saved money, and the solution has paid for itself.
  • Most important, staff at UNITE HERE HEALTH, Ritter Communications, and KEG 1 are freed up to focus on creative thinking and strategic, value-added tasks.

What advice would Bryan from UHH, Audrey from Ritter, and Victoria from KEG 1 offer you as you go through your journey towards AP automation?

  • Understand your business needs and workflowincluding how are bills distributed and approved—and what your goals are for improvement.
  • Get executive buy-in and budget dollars to implement.
  • Talk to your key stakeholders—don’t forget your suppliers—and explain the net benefits.
  • Create a project team and meet consistently.
  • Engage IT early on and keep them informed.
  • Don’t rush the project implementation.
  • Identify your internal controls and segregation of duties. Use internal/external
    auditors to assist.
  • Define expectations clearly with the Yooz team.


For a more comprehensive checklist to help you prepare for those important conversations with AP automation solution providers you may be considering, download How NOT to Mess Up Your AP Project, based on our tongue-in-cheek style whitepaper, How to Mess Up Your AP Project, which helps you identify pitfalls as you explore automating your AP workflow.

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