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In Part 1 of this blog series, we found ourselves asking, and answering: In a world highly connected, how is the Cloud making a strategic difference? How will the use of smartphones revolutionize the software industry? In short, it’s sort of like a chicken and egg scenario: The most useful business applications leverage cloud technology so that they can be accessed around the clock and from anywhere in the world on a mobile device. And the more widespread the use of smartphones, the more important it is for software engineers to build products that can be accessed in the Cloud.

Here in Part 2, we explore why the flexibility and scalability of Yooz is a perfect fit for any mid-size business.


Our brand tagline at Yooz is: Cloud P2P Automation. Easy. Powerful. Smart. We could add “nimble,” “flexible,” “scalable,” and “affordable,” but it wouldn’t all fit underneath our logo! All of these words are important to know if you are a new business or tech start-up (new franchise owners, this applies to you, too!) with less than 10 users.

  1. You don’t have to be an accounting professional: If you have ever started a business you know that you begin with a small core group of people and everyone does everything…literally! The Yooz solution is so user-friendly with an easy implementation and onboarding process in as little as a few days, that your entire team can be trained on the system. It’s only a matter of determining who will approve the invoices and submit them for payment. Then on to marketing, raising money, software engineering…and making the coffee.
  1. Only pay for what you need and add as you grow: One of our Yooz clients said to us during his AP automation provider discovery process, “Many of the providers we considered offered a 500-pound solution for our 10-pound problem. Yooz was the perfect fit. And it will scale as we grow.” At Yooz, we can customize our platform for small startups, so you only pay for what you need. Trust us, you’ll need the money you save for plenty of other things as you get your business going.
  1. You work round the clock and so does Yooz: Even though it’s really, really hard building a new business, it’s pretty easy to start one. There are so many tools available to walk you through launching a website, registering your name, submitting your trademarks, etc. Tools that weren’t available to world-changing companies like Microsoft and Facebook that started in a garage or dorm room. It’s also easy to collaborate with colleagues, investors, and customers around the world. But you work around the clock and deal with many issues every day. The cloud-based Yooz AP automation solution is accessible 24/7 and paying your invoices will be one of the easiest parts of running your business.


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