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In Part 1 of this week’s blog series, we began our end-of-year recap by reminding you about the monthly Q&A with Yooz COO and chief innovation officer, Laurent Charpentier that we launched on Valentine’s Day a year ago, talked about the meaning behind our new branding, and reflected on our business success.

In Part 2, we remind you of all of the thought-leadership content and educational resources we developed and continue to provide in order to help you be the best informed about how AP automation can work for you. And we’ll give you a preview of the exciting things you can expect from us in 2019.


At Yooz, we are passionate about the importance of educating the market about AP automation and how emerging technologies are making an impact on finance and accounting workflows. We continue to lead the industry in providing education and thought leadership by:

  • Publishing original content on relevant topics in respected digital industry publications such as Spend Matters and Accounting Today as well as the Sage Intacct Blog and our own twice-weekly blog.
  • Hosting webinars featuring Yooz subject matter experts, client champions, and industry professionals, and sponsoring webinars by respected national industry organizations.
  • Leading educational sessions and participating in expert panels at national industry conferences.

All of these wonderful, relevant resources can be found on the getyooz.com website.


We are so grateful to our Yooz client champions, who graciously give their time and their voices to success stories, webinars, and live educational sessions in order to help others on their journeys to AP automation.


As a special thank you, this year we launched the Yooz Client Champion Award and presented it to: Pasty Price, Peterson Automotive Group; Bryan Schmidt, UNITED HERE HEALTH; Sherry Wang and Shelly Duggins, GoAuto; Shawn Delaney, Bridgevine; Jason Kleve, Transwest Auto Center; Marcie Freelen and Kristen Torres, City of Cleburne, Texas; and Adam Maurer, Deutser management consulting.

Thank you for all you do in support of Yooz.



  • Some of the platform enhancements that Yooz is working on for 2019 will impact the areas of auditing and compliance, fraud detection, and adding intelligence to the processing and routing of other types of documents outside of invoices, creating additional workflows.
  • The U.S. operation plans to increase staff by 50% and expand its office space, doubling its square footage, to accommodate its expected business growth and to continue to serve our clients at the highest level.
  • A fresh new slate of educational webinars, featuring Yooz client champions and nationally recognized thought leaders from organizations in the fields of finance, technology, and SaaS, are scheduled beginning this month. Find them on the Yooz website and register now.

We hope your year is off to a great start! We’re here to help make sure that it is.


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