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Since its beginnings in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2000, Salsarita’s Fresh Mexican Grill has promised, “Mexican Food Done Right,” and is what it strives to achieve in all of its restaurants. And with Yooz, it has also done AP automation right! Here’s why our cloud-based, end-to-end invoice and payment processing system, seamlessly integrated with your legacy finance system/ERP is perfect for franchise companies.

Tim Carter, CFO, Salsarita’s, was experiencing these challenges with the company’s manual accounting system. Any or all of them sound familiar?

  • Each of the individual restaurants was manually receiving paper invoices—food and supply delivery people would leave paper invoices along with the delivery—then routing these paper invoices back to headquarters either via courier or overnight services every week. This process resulted in a large amount of lost invoices, wasted time spent hunting down invoices, and hundreds of dollars per week spent on document delivery.
  • Even in the rare cases when a vendor sent an invoice electronically, the AP clerk still had to print out the document, process it, then re-scan it back into the system.
  • The highly manual, paper-laded workflow resulted in a backlog of 6,000 documents per month waiting to be manually entered or scanned into the system, making for a very unpredictable month-end.

Carter adds, “The struggle with most franchisors is controlling overhead. You find yourself constantly asking, ‘How do you leverage and make efficient the human resources that you have?’ You don’t want to keep hiring additional people.” This can be particularly challenging with a manual AP process—as the volume of invoices increase you have no choice but to add staff to keep up.  

He advises: “Instead, give your existing staff the automation tools to make their roles multi-faceted. Your finance—all departments for that matter—can run lean and take on other, more strategic, duties.”

In Part 2 of this series, learn how Salsarita’s solved all of its top AP challenges by implementing the Yooz cloud-based AP automation solution.

In the meantime, check out a few other franchise companies who have benefitted from Yooz.

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