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We introduced this blog series lamenting the reputation of governments as being known for “red tape,” bureaucracy, lagging behind technology, and departments bogged down by paper and manual processes. But there are actually some that are leading the way in digital transformation, like the City of Cleburne, Texas whose story we told in Part 1.

And the Township of Upper St. Clair, Pennsylvania.

Vet_StatueUpper St. Clair is a residential community of about 20,000 residents located 10 miles southwest of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This family-oriented community boasts an award-winning school district, excellent recreation, a safe environment, and caring staff and residents, and was named one of the ”Top Ten Best Places to Live” by U.S. News & World Report.

In government, it’s very difficult to add positions and the Township was no exception. The finance department had to make the most with a very lean staff of four that processed about 700 invoices a month. In addition to the completely manual invoice processing workflow costing time and human resources that were needed for other, more value-added tasks, there were numerous other challenges, including:

  • The visibility of pending invoices was limited to whose desk the paper is sitting on, not to mention the stacks of paper that any particular document would be hidden in.
  • Nobody in the Township was ever quite sure of the number of invoices that were in process or where in the process they were.

All resulting in lost invoices and costly late payments.

Like many finance leaders in the private sector who experience similar pain points and are constantly challenged to do less with more, Mark Romito, the Township’s director of finance, knew they had to automate. They began searching for a payment processing solution only but  soon discovered that Yooz, seamlessly integrated with the Nvoicepay payment solution, provided a complete end-to-end AP processing workflow.

“When searching for AP automation providers we considered several things; three of the most important were cost, simplicity, and functionality. Yooz was the best combination of all three AND included P.O. matching. It made the choice easy.”

The time that was freed up allowed the finance department—and other departments as well—to direct resources to other important initiatives, like improving the ROI of the Township’s investment program.

And like many companies and governments alike, the Township immediately enjoyed several benefits:

  • Savings on material costs frees taxpayer money for things that add value to the community
  • Actual visibility into the invoice processing workflow
  • No more searching for lost documents, figuring out invoice status, paper filing
  • Auditors have access to documents for a pain-free audit

What does Romito advise other governments?

“It’s 2019. It’s time to automate. Stop thinking this won’t work for you. Stop thinking you have unique challenges. Stop thinking, “we’ve always done it this way.”  Everyone has similar AP pain points, whether you’re a government like us or a company. Start your research now. Talk to some providers. Get moving, or else get left behind.”

To learn more about the Township of Upper St. Clair’s journey to AP automation success, download the complete story.

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