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If you are in the in the final throes of deciding to automate your AP workflow with a cloud-based solution, or better yet, you’ve already made the transition to Yooz, we want you to know that when you become a Yooz customer, we don’t stop showing you the love as soon as the sale closes. In fact, that is when the fun really starts! In this week’s blog series we’ll recount several benefits exclusive to our customersin addition to the password and secret handshake, of course.

Client Exclusive Monthly Yooz Insider Q&A:  The Yooz Insider is where Yooz customers enjoy a special opportunity to hear directly from our chief innovation officer and COO, Laurent Charpentier, ask him questions, get the inside scoop on tips and tricks to get the most out of the Yooz platform, and offer up your own suggestions about new features or functionality enhancements. All so you can experience the full scope of benefits from the Yooz platform. This live discussion happens the second Wednesday of every month and you may attend as often as you’d like.

Linkedin User Group: We’re taking this opportunity to interact with our COO and other “Yoozers” one step further, launching an invitation-only Linkedin discussion group where our clients can interact with each other and with our SMEs about topics related to the Yooz solution. It is also a way for us to communicate relevant information and important announcements so you hear it first.

Keep talking. We’re listening. When you become a Yooz customer, your voice continues to be heard loud and clear. Yooz really listens to our customers’ suggestions and feedback that we hear from the Yooz Insider Q&A and the (upcoming) Linkedin User Group. It’s put to good use, informing everything from the content of our educational webinars, to blog and editorial topics, to ideas for product development.

In the meantime, attend any of our upcoming public webinars to learn more about AP automation from Yooz subject matter experts and industry professionals.


In Part 2 of this series, we’ll talk about making you the hero in our next success story.

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