Seminar & Cocktail - How to quickly boost your company's productivity with AP Automation? A Disruptive Technology makes it Possible.

 Seminar & cocktail - Wed. February 27th - 6pm to 9pm

Demystifying accounts payable automation : how business digital transformation can quickly and easily increase your company's productivity 


Join Yooz and the French Chamber of Great Britain for a networking event, wednesday February 27th at 6pm at Sofitel London, where we will discuss how business digital transformation can increase your company's productivity. We will explore the latest Accounts Payable innovations that will power up your finance department’s efficiency. 


With finance departments facing increasing pressure to boost their productivity, AP automation is becoming a must-have. However, many companies believe that AP automation is out of their reach: too complicated, expensive, and difficult to implement. This is no longer true! 

Yooz leverages high performance technology such as Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and is making it easy, accessible and affordable. During this event, find out how you could:

  • reduce the cost per invoice by up to 70%
  • divide processing time from weeks to days
  • process AP documents on mobile devices, anywhere anytime
  • gain a global strategic vision on business spending and much more

Agenda - Wed. February 27th, 6pm to 9pm, Sofitel London


  • Myths and reality about P2P automation
  • How companies that leverage P2P Automation outperform those that do not
  • What to do next to start the project and how to choose the right solution
  • Case study
  • Calculate your ROI
  • Discover how Yooz could help you

Networking cocktail