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How to Remain Competitive in the Digital Age

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About the Webinar

How do Finance leaders remain competitive in the coming years?

This webinar will dive into the benefits of going digital and why 97% of Best-In-Class business have included automation as a key part of their organization. We will discuss why digital transformation is inevitable as competitive intensity continues to accelerate in all markets.


There are at least three tools to focus on to improve productivity to remain competitive that are undeniable to the success of a competitive digital transformation. We will also talk about some of the misconceptions and false beliefs about AP automation, what Digital Transformation with the #1 AP automation service provider Yooz looks like, and how the most automated and real-time solution can help keep you ahead of fluctuations while driving real business advancement.


Our Speaker:

Jemiel McKissick, Regional Sales Director - Yooz


You can download the full  "CFO's Guide to Leading the Digital Transformation" report here.



  • Why is Digital Transformation Inevitable for Competitive Finance Departments?
  • The Digital Trends That Your Competitors are Already Embracing
  • Ten Myths About AP Automation
  • Why 97% of Top Businesses Have AP Automation
  • Digital Transformation with Yooz
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