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Product Demo: "Yoozing The Yooz Platform"

Product Demo

Watch our AP automation specialist demonstrates the award-winning Yooz solution.

Want to know exactly how the multiple-award winning Yooz platform works? In this one-hour, step-by-step product demonstration by one of our AP automation specialists you will see first-hand how you can achieve hands-free invoice processing with a complete end-to-end solution that leverages optical character recognition (OCR), smart data extraction, and machine learning powered by A.I.


And you’ll learn about all of these benefits that you will enjoy as a result:


§ Automated GL coding reduces repetitive manual data entry.

§ Google®-like document search allows you to retrieve data in seconds.

§ Reduced cost per invoice of up to 80%, from an average of $15 to only $3/invoice saves you money that goes straight to the bottom line.

§ Reduced processing time per invoice from weeks to days frees staff for high-value and strategic initiatives.

§ Everyone on the finance team enjoys a shorter, less stressful month-end close. 

§ Mobile app allows 24/7 access to documents for workflow status and approvals.


All of this and an almost immediate ROI.




  • High level refresh of AP Automation Best Practices 
  • Connecting the dots: Demonstration of the Yooz platform featuring live configuration and real-case electronic invoice processing
  • Question and answer session