On-Demand webinar: Deutser consulting client success story

On-Demand webinar with Yooz client Adam Maurer, CPA, CFO at Deutser

Learn How Deutser Increased its AP Efficiencies with Yooz

Yooz client Adam Maurer, CPA, CFO, Deutser consulting says, “With Yooz AP automation and our integrated ERP we have a single source of the truth. Everything can be found and accessed in one place.” Now that’s a truth you CAN handle!

Join us as we explore AP transformation possibilities from the C-Suite perspective, and hear special guest Adam Maurer share the story of Deutser’s own AP automation journey. You will learn about:  

  • An overview of AP automation
  • Solving your most important AP workflow challenges
  • Deutser’s decision and selection process of the Yooz AP automation platform, from a C-suite 
  • Perspective
  • Real results and benefits of moving to cloud-based AP automation
  • How you can measure success in your AP department


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