On-Demand Webinar - Year Of The Nimble Buyer: Quick-hit Tools For P2P Success In 2018

A Yooz-sponsored webinar featuring Yooz subject matter experts and hosted by Spend Matters

Do procure-to-pay solution providers ignore the middle market in favor of the big boys?

Large multinational corporations and their P2P needs have long overshadowed the small and medium enterprises - but in 2018 that is about to change. 

Mid-market companies are Nimble Buyers. They have different P2P requirements, strategies, and budgets than the Fortune 500, so why would they need the same solutions? Instead they need an intuitive, dynamic, and transparent procurement process without the complexity (and hefty price tag) that comes with the most elaborate solutions.

In this webinar, Spend Matters’ Xavier Olivera joins Yooz subject matter expert Justin Holden to discuss how your company can take advantage of the functional, flexible, and economical solutions now available to nimble buyers. Learn:

  • How to improve the AP process cycle time and reduce costs
  • How to identify and evaluate the solutions that best fit your organization’s needs
  • Why AP Automation will soothe your payment process headaches
  • And much more!