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Webinar - How to solve the top Accounts Payable pain points?

Online webinar - Tuesday June 25th - 10 am to 11 am (London time)

Tackling Accounts Payable pain points fast and easily is now possible with the next generation of AP automation!

Which finance department out there hasn't yet experienced one of the following?

  • Loosing documents
  • Paying duplicate invoices
  • Data entry errors causing long delays
  • Paying late payments penaltiesPaying penalties because payments were late
  • Long invoice approval time
  • Fraud attempts, etc.

Manual processes count for over 30% of AP costs and seriously put your company at risk!

However, many companies believe that AP automation is too complicated, expensive, and difficult to implement. This is no longer true! 

In this webinar, find out more about the next generation of AP automation that makes high performance technology accessible for all!

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Emily vinson - imageEmily Vinson has a large experience in IT with several years accompanying worldwide based clients in the implementation of the Accounts Payable Automation solution, Yooz. Currently responsible for the development of the UK market, Emily is helping clients such as Mazars, Five Guys and Academies Enterprise Trust to improve their internal processes and gain efficiency. Very alert to new technologies and finance trends, Emily is seen as a trusted advisor who helps companies of all sizes to implement adapted strategies, take full advantage of the tech, and reach their full potential.


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