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Simplifying Accounts Payable processes across multi-location businesses

Thursday, September 12th

From 10 am to 11 am (London Time)

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About the Webinar

Multi-location businesses: Get Tips to Simplify your AP processes

Any business operating across multiple sites faces important challenges when it comes to processing invoices. The situation gets even more complicated when the company has international locations or deals with international suppliers. Some of the common accounts payable challenges include: 

  • High invoice processing costs and difficulty to process documents quickly enough to avoid penalties.
  • Invoices coming from everywhere in multiple formats leading to duplicate payments, lost documents, higher risk of fraud, etc. 
  • Difficulty to get an instant overview of cash flow and to make accurate financial projections. 
  • Complicated approval processes.
  • Dealing with multiple currencies, and much more.  

In this webinar, find out more about the next generation of AP automation that makes high-performance technology accessible for all and responds to the specific needs of multi-location organisations.



  • Accounts Payable challenges faced by multi-location businesses
  • Tips to Simplify AP processes
  • Yooz: a solution adapted to multiple site operations
  • Live Demo
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