Webinar: Yooz Insider - Q&A with Yooz COO

FAQ Webinar Series Exclusively for Yooz Clients

June 19, 2019, 1:00 PM Central Time

Have a technical question but afraid to ask? Too busy to pause and call support? 

Maybe you’re unsure about whether you are experiencing the full scope of benefits of the Yooz platform or would like to learn additional user tips. 

In this lively interactive webinar, finance and accounting leaders and practitioners take the lead by asking any question they have about the Yooz platform directly to Yooz CIO/COO Laurent Charpentier. Laurent will also share some of his favorite platform user tips, tricks and features. 

Topics we'll cover in this month's Yooz Insider:

  • When an email is sent to Yooz with multiple documents, is there a way to combine into a single document?
  • How to set up/flag confidential documents
  • Delegations
  • Moving entities between users for processing documents 

We will also welcome you to share ideas, tips, and tricks on how you are using the Yooz platform with other participants.

Remember, the only bad questions are ones that never get asked. Join us!