Five Factors that Will Shape the Modern Finance Office

Five factors copy

E-book developed by Yooz, Inc and CFO, an Argyle® Company.

While early adopters covet the latest technology, for CFOs it is not simply about having the next great cool tool. It is about reimagining not only the finance department but also the entire organization — and how work gets done more efficiently. Thanks to digital and cloud automation, business leaders are able to see a future where the finance function is more strategic, more relationship-based, and a true contributor to the bottom line.

It is more important than ever for senior finance executives to understand how today’s emerging innovations are already impacting business operations, profits, and productivity.

In this transformational e-book Yooz and CFO, an Argyle® Company, thought leaders explore:

  1. How evolving data and analytics capabilities and tools will position finance as the go-to source for real-time reporting and forward-looking views of global economic, market, competitor, and customer trends. And the impact on vendor relationships and payment cycles.
  2. Why new platforms will strengthen the link between risk and performance as organizations further automate risk management and compliance efforts, and how managing the balance sheet will be done with enhanced precision.
  3. How artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and robotic process automation (RPA) will evolve to enable organizations to proactively navigate potential issues and opportunities, rather than only react.
  4. Cryptocurrencies, and how they will reshape the way companies manage their capital and process payments.
  5. Smart, next-generation computing platforms that will consolidate data, fueling smarter decision-making.
    Business is moving fast. Finance leaders need to move fast, too, and lead their organizations in embracing futuristic developments in order to scale gracefully and remain competitive.