Leveraging Emerging Technologies And Smart Data To Drive AP Performance

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Finance departments are under continuous pressure to increase speed and maximize resources, and many are focusing on automating AP workflows as a way to achieve their goals. However, many organizations face challenges when it comes to helping AP practitioners do their jobs more effectively.

A recent webcast, hosted by CFO and sponsored by Yooz, examines ways that innovative companies are defining efficiency and improvement in AP performance. The webcast features Justin Holden, VP Sales at Yooz North America and Jess Scheer, Executive Editor, Institute of Finance & Management (IOFM), a provider of events, peer networks, training, certification, information, tools, and resources for finance professionals.

Whitepaper Yooz - Leveraging Emerging Technologies And Smart Data To Drive AP Performance

The program:

  • Assesses the biggest hurdles faced in AP processing, namely increasing efficiency.
  • Explores what prompts many companies to evaluate AP automation. Here’s a hint: An increasing number of invoices becomes unmanageable when the current staff is still using manual processes.
  • Suggests three high-level areas to consider when looking to automate AP: Capturing data, including invoice and PO information; establishing workflows; and determining payment methods.

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